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Amosolar Co.,Ltd is one of the leading enterprises in the solar industry, which is fully involved in the development of power plants, EPC services, intelligent operation and maintenance management of power plants, solar panel and related solar products manufacturing.
Solar Projects
  • Brazil PV Module Solar System Project
    Brazil PV Module Solar System Project
    Amosolar distributed solar project received a lot of positive feedback from our global partners. These RS Brasil solar system are installed with our AS550M10-144, AS555M10-144 PV Modules. Product Characteristics More Power Generation Larger size of light receiving area and higher module conversion efficiency 10 Busbar Technology Higher power collection density improves power generation Stable Generation Performance Guaranteed 0~+5W positive tolerance and slower power attenuation Lower Efficiency Degradation first year 2%, 0.55% per year from 2-25 Higher Power Gains and Lower Losses Excellent low irradiance performance and low shadow loss Process Optimized and Upgraded Lower risk of hot spot and stronger anti-PID ablity Strong Environmental Adaptability and Great Durability Certified by Dust-Sand, Salt-Mist, Ammonia etc. weather resistance tests and enhanced mechanical load: wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal)
  • Brazil 5MW PV Module Solar System Project
    Brazil 5MW PV Module Solar System Project
    5MW solar PV module system in Brazil —— Amosolar AS450M6-144 monofacial solar panel Renewable energy technology brought us a powerful world, brighter future.
  • Jamaica 600KW Solar System Project
    Jamaica 600KW Solar System Project
    600KW playground solar PV project in Jamaica. Module type is Amosolar Poly AS320P-72. Amosolar always devotes to providing high-quality solar panel products and complete solar system solution services.
  • Mexico 2MW Commercial Solar System Project
    Mexico 2MW Commercial Solar System Project
    Mexio 2MW Commercial Playground PV module solar project. It used Amosolar 166mm half-cell high efficiency monofacial 380W solar panel product. Neatly arranged solar modules become a elegant scenery in the square.
  • Brazil 3MW Off Grid Agricultural Solar System Project
    Brazil 3MW Off Grid Agricultural Solar System Project
    Brazil 3MW off-grid PV module system agricultural project. —— Amosolar AS320M-120 monocrystalline solar panel. Life cannot be along without agricultural energy. Amosolar feels glad to contribute our another power to build a blue earth.
  • Brazil 500KW Off Grid Hillside Solar System Project
    Brazil 500KW Off Grid Hillside Solar System Project
    Basil 500KW Off Grid Hillside Solar System Project. —— Amosolar AS350P-72 full cell polycrystalline solar panel.  The off-grid solar system mainly consists of solar panels, off grid solar inverter, solar battery, charge controller etc. It could stand alone solar system works alone without city power.  Amosolar is very pleased to provide all-in-one solar system solution according to our customer's request.
Solar Projects
Latest News
  • Renewable Solar Energy: Reshaping Urban Residents' Future
    Jul 05, 24
    Renewable Solar Energy: Reshaping Urban Residents' Future
    With the global demand for sustainable energy continuously growing, solar photovoltaic (PV) technology is rapidly increasing in coverage and usage within urban areas. More and more cities are adopting large-scale solar PV systems, not only driving the development of green energy but also significantly improving urban environments. RisingCoverage and Usage of Solar PV in Cities According to the latest report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), the global installed capacity of solar PV has nearly doubled in the past five years, with many cities installing PV systems on public buildings, residential areas, and commercial facilities. It is projected that by 2025, the global installed capacity of solar PV will reach 1,300 gigawatts. This growth not only demonstrates the maturity of the technology but also reflects increased policy support and public awareness. Improvement of Urban Environments by Solar PV Solar PV systems significantly reduce the carbon footprint of cities. According to a study, using solar PV can reduce urban greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 20% annually. Additionally, solar PV systems can mitigate the urban heat island effect by absorbing solar energy and converting it into electricity, effectively lowering the surface temperature of buildings. Maximizing the Utility of Solar Panels To maximize the utility of solar panels, cities need to focuson innovative solutions such as integrating PV systems with existing infrastructure. Rooftops, facades, and even parking lots can be utilized for solar panel installations. Moreover, advancements in PV technology, such as bifacial panels and transparent solar cells, can further enhance the efficiency and aesthetic integration of solar PV systems in urban settings. Challenges That Need to Be Overcome Despite the numerous benefits, several challenges remain in the widespread adoption of solar PV in urban areas. These include the initial high installation costs, the need for efficient energy storage solutions, and the integration of PV systems with existing grid infrastructure. The Sustainable Development Potential of the Solar PV Industry The future potential for sustainable development in the solar PV industry is immense. With continuous technological advancements and increasing economies of scale, the cost of solar PV is expected to continue declining. This will make solar energy more accessible and affordable for urban areas. Furthermore, the integration of smart grid technologies and energy storage solutions will enhance the reliability and efficiency of solar PV systems, paving the way for a sustainable and resilient urban energy future. As a solar product manufacturer,Amosolar boasts numerous advantages that set us apart in the industry. Since Founded in 2008, we have grown into a professional manufacturer and provider of comprehensive solar system products and services. Our state-of-the-art automated production lines and testing equipment, sourced globally, enable us to ac...
  • Intersolar Europe 2024 I Amosolar Successful Participation at The Smarter E Europe 2024
    Jun 24, 24
    Intersolar Europe 2024 I Amosolar Successful Participation at The Smarter E Europe 2024
    We Amosolar are thrilled to announce our successful participation in The Smarter E Europe 2024 exhibition, held at Messe Münchenh, Germany, from June 19th to 21st, 2024. Our team was excited to showcase our latest innovations and connect with industry leaders and customers at Booth A1.730D. Highlights from the Event: Innovative Solutions: We unveiled our latest advancements in solar technology, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from attendees. Networking Opportunities: The event provided an excellent platform for networking with other professionals and exploring new partnership opportunities. Customer Engagement: We had the pleasure of meeting with many of our valued customers, receiving their feedback, and discussing future projects. Custom Solar Solutions: During the exhibition, our representatives conducted one-on-one consultations with visiting clients, offering customized, professional solar system solutions tailored to their specific needs. This face-to-face meeting not only highlighted our commitment to excellence but also reinforced the trust and satisfaction our customers have in our products and services. Our participation in The Smarter E Europe 2024 underscores our commitment to advancing solar technology and strengthening our relationships within the industry. We are grateful for the positive reception and look forward to continuing our journey towards a more sustainable future. Thank you to everyone who visited our booth and supported us during this event. We are excited about the future and look forward to seeing you at upcoming exhibitions. For more information about our products and services, please visit our website or contact our sales team. Email: [email protected]
  • As the growing need in the residential solar market, the concept of the
    May 13, 24
    As the growing need in the residential solar market, the concept of the "Balcony PV System" is in trend
    Recently, Germany's BMWK (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Operations) officially approved the release of the Solarpaket I photovoltaic plan. The plan was proposed in June last year. After layers of arguments, it was finally passed with an overwhelming majority of 384 votes in favor, 79 votes against and 200 abstentions. It aims to accelerate the large-scale development of renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics and boost the climate environment. To achieve the protection goal, the deployment process of photovoltaic balcony systems will be further simplified, and the inverter power for simplified registration of balcony photovoltaics will be increased from 600W to 800W, promoting the utilization and sharing of distributed energy resources such as balcony photovoltaics. Three major favorable policies driving the development of balcony photovoltaics The Solarpaket I plan reflects the local government’s strong determination to promote the development of the balcony and DIY photovoltaic markets. This policy simplifies the installation process, system power, connection and power supply of balcony photovoltaic systems, making photovoltaic power generation simpler and more convenient. 01 Simplify the installation process The Solarpaket I plan cancels the requirement that balcony photovoltaic systems must be equipped with a two-way electricity meter. The system can continue to use the original electricity meter, and the existing electricity meter is in an inverted state when power is supplied, which can reduce the electricity bills paid by households, which also means that residents can benefit from it. Obtain more green benefits; at the same time, the new policy also requires that for some easy-to-enter data, there is no need to register with the grid operator before installing the balcony photovoltaic system, further simplifying the system installation process.   02 Increase power limit The Solarpaket I plan requires that the balcony photovoltaic system should be more efficient, and the system installed capacity and the grid connection limit of the inverter power have been increased. The system installed capacity does not exceed 2kW, and the inverter equipment power limit is increased to 800W, which also shows that higher output power inverters can be put into the system to increase photovoltaic power generation.   03 Convenient socket power supply The balcony photovoltaic system is easy to connect to the grid. You only need to connect the AC cable plug to the household socket to achieve grid-connected power generation. The Solarpaket I plan points out that in the future, balcony PV will need to use ordinary European plugs and be directly connected to the grid without other restrictions, making it easier to connect the system to the grid. The approval of the Solarpaket I plan means that the simplification of the balcony photovoltaic registration process has been confirmed and supported at the government regulations lev...
  • Won the tender for Supply and Delivery of Solar PV Equipment for the Guyana Energy Agency in Eight (8) lots
    May 07, 24
    Won the tender for Supply and Delivery of Solar PV Equipment for the Guyana Energy Agency in Eight (8) lots
    Amosolar has won the tender for Supply and Delivery of Solar PV Equipment for the Guyana Energy Agency in Eight (8) lots. GEA is pleased to inform that Amosolar bid submission for the above.mentioned subject in accordance with the instructions to Bidders is hereby accepted by GEA for the following: Lot 1: Multimodal inverters Lot 2: Solar PV Modules Lot 3: VRLA Batteries Lot 6: Balance of System (BoS) Equipment Lot 8: Electrical Equipment
  • Amosolar Brand Solar Panels From 370~675w Have Been Passed RETIE Certificate
    Apr 03, 24
    Amosolar Brand Solar Panels From 370~675w Have Been Passed RETIE Certificate
    Our brand solar panels from 370~675w have been passed RETIE certificate. In the South American region, also known as LATAM, local and/or global companies engaged in the manufacturing of electrical-electronic products intending to conduct trade in the area must undergo a certification process called RETIE. This certification is mandatory for their products to be allowed and approved for customs clearance in the region. The RETIE certificate is not only valid in Colombia but also in other neighboring Latin American countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and Venezuela. The certification is issued by QCERT, a laboratory based in Medellin, Colombia, affiliated with TÜV. And our first batch of 550w mono stock have been arrived on Buenaventur sea port on March 3th, 2024. Welcome to inquire: [email protected]
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